Sunday, September 2, 2012


I've been away enjoying the last bits of summer and letting this pesky tendonitis (wrist) and arthritis (fingers) quiet down. These frustrating ailments have not-so-politely requested I take it easy and be more delicate with how I work with clay. In response, I'm the proud owner of a little slab roller..which will hopefully allow me to continue to make what I love without the wear and tear on my limbs. I cannot wait to get some new pieces in the kiln for Fall.  JarosDesigns must have read my mind when she created this treasury, Windows Open, A/C Off,  that was on the front page this evening!

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  1. Congrats on the treasury! I have had tendinitis (or HAVE - not really sure if it ever went away) and it sucks. Yay to getting older, right? I'm pretty sure my hands will just stop working one day. Hopefully everything will be voice controlled by then! I hope the roller helps. Take care! Miss you!