Friday, September 28, 2012


A ways back I mentioned my multiple obsession and the sweet sixty project I undertook. I'm still working on them, but the first 40 are finally fired.  I wanted to create positive energy in my life ('cause we all know it's easier to dwell on the negative) by coming up with 60 action verbs.  Some of them are sassy (WINK, DRINK), some of them are crafty (MAKE, CREATE) and some are contemplative (DWELL, HEAL). The final step of my project is sending them out into the world--hopefully creating positive energy wherever they go. I'll be listing them in my etsy shop for $6 each (+ $4 domestic shipping) later this weekend after I take inventory of which ones are what colors, etc. They'll come with their own rustic nails for hanging--all you have to do is decide where they'll live.

September is a hard month for a lot of us who are prone to depression or sadness. The seasons (and light) dramatically change, the Holidays approach and life just seems, well, hard. I really recommend a positive project of your own, whether it's drawings, love notes or journaling your thoughts. It really helped me.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love seeing them all together! I'm glad the process has been cathartic to you. They are good little reminders to have around...I think I need to pick one or two for myself ;)

    1. Thanks, Amy! I would be thrilled if you adopted a few :)

  2. Such a beautiful, uplifting idea--will check your shop soon for them.